10 Reasons to Buy Fake ID


Many of us have gone through the phase-in life when it feels, “wish we were 21”. Be it having alcohol or going out to a party at the nightclub, if you are not of the legal age, it could just spoil the fun for you.

In such a scenario a fake ID is just what you might need. They are useful in maintaining your confidentiality and privacy to a great extent. Despite the legal ramifications associated with possessing fake IDs, having one might be worth the risk.

Here are the top 10 reasons that could help you decide if possessing a fake ID is what you require at the moment.

Why I Need A Fake ID?

1. Primary Reason

One of the primary reasons people have used fake IDs is to have the liberty of consuming alcohol.

Many countries around the world have stringent age restrictions on alcohol consumption. Having a fake ID can help you get your hands on the drinks you always wanted to try.

📌But always remember that the fun factor also comes with equal responsibilities.

2. Exploring Age

Be it in any country the youth today loves being a regular on the party circuit.

Party circuitBut not being 21 and above can sometimes spoil your party plans.

There are nightclubs and other venues that have age restrictions for entry. Having a fake ID can give you immediate access to such parties.

📌But remember that bouncers and security appointed at such places can sometimes spot the difference. It is essential that you are cautious enough to avoid getting into trouble.


FOMO or better explained as the fear of missing out is a condition of social anxiety.

FOMOIt creates the desire in individuals to stay connected with what others are doing.

FOMO has become a serious disease claiming the lives of many college going students every year.

The thought of not be able to do things like partying etc can be depressing enough. Probably a fake ID is what can get the sail through the troubled times.

4. Bad habit

Not just the booze but buying cigarettes or other tobacco products also have age restrictions in many countries.

Having a fake ID can be really helpful in buying the smokes.

5. A Minor Discretion

Having your driver’s license confiscated might be one of the worst things to happen when you need to drive out urgently.

Using a fake one can be a temporary solution here. But again personal discretion is a must because there are chances that the traffic inspector can find out.

6. Egocentrism

Rent a carAnother popular usage of a fake ID that has been widely reported is you rent a car.

Most of the rental agencies require you to have a valid identity card before they give you the vehicle possession.

If underage people occasionally have used a fake ID.

7. Delayed Gratification Acceptance

Fake IDs have also been widely used to buy lotto tickets.

Most of the lotto companies have age restrictions imposed for playing the game. The average age requirement to play lotto is 18 and above.

Being underage can sometimes be annoying, and hence people tend to use fake IDs to win big.

8. Legal Age Requirement

You aren’t 18 yet and wish to travel alone?

Hotel bookingThere can be many hindrances in doing this as there are age restrictions at every point.

Form booking a hotel to renting a car or buying your booze having an age proof is very important.

In such a scenario people use fake ID’ to do the need full.

9. Future Repentance

Tattoos and piercingsTattoos and piercings have been a craze among the youth.

But getting them done can sometimes require you to produce an age proof.

Hence in such scenarios many resorts to using fake IDs.

10. Raging Hormones

Lastly, one can also use a fake ID card for watching movies, concerts etc. which have age restrictions.

How To Buy Fake IDs?

A fake ID grants you the access to privileges which might not be possible using the real ones. But the question is how to obtain or buy a fake ID? Well, there are many sources, but one of the easiest ways is to buy them online.

OnlineThere are numerous online stores that sell high-quality fake ID’s. They are very much affordable and easy to order as well.

All you have to do is submit your picture and the required data. Technology allows these online stores to create high-quality cards containing the real holograms as well.

But before venturing out to buy online ensure that you check for the reliability of the vendor.

This is important because there are sites that are nothing more than just scam. One can also buy fake IDs from trusted local sources as well. When you are on a limited budget, this can be the best available option.

Finally, the third option of getting a fake ID is the DIY method wherein you can create your own fake ID. There are templates and editing software available on the internet that can be put to use.

📌Ensure that you master the skill before using a self-made fake ID. But remember that the end product might not be of very high quality and lack the finish of a professionally made fake ID.


Once you have decided on getting a fake ID card, there are certain essential criterions to be kept in mind before buying one.

The first and the foremost thing is, to decide on the budget and the purpose you wish to use the card. If you need a fake id for buying alcohol or go partying, what kind of quality of the card you need?

These factors might govern the type of budget you require. The next step involves picking the state to order the ID. Rule of the thumb would be to pick up nearby states or those with higher populations.

Doing this the probability of getting caught would be less as no one would compare the cards. There are two types of ID’s available one is over 21 and other is under 21, make sure that you choose the right one.

The last step is to ensure that you securely receive your order.