Obtaining a fake id these days is as easy as going for a shopping.  It just needs you to pay a few pennies and your job is done.

Earlier it was a big task with getting your photo scanned and replicating barcodes and hologram printing. Today there are many fake ID vendors available in the market ready to do this job for you.

Why does one need a fake ID?

For official reasons

Having an IDIf you are acquitted in any criminal case and your career prospects are tumbling down then you tend to face problems without an ID.

Having an ID with proper details allows you to apply in any Government and private organisations without any difficulty.

For educational reasons

thinkingA student’s life goes for a toll if he/ she is acquitted in any police case.

Knowingly or unknowingly some mistakes might happen and a glorious future cannot be spoiled because of unexpected events.

If the legal authorities deny issuing ID proof, students tend to take the route of fake IDs.

For entertainment

In many countries, alcohol consumption is a symbol of status and pleasure.

partiesMany youngsters want to have a taste of it before becoming OFFICIALLY eligible for boozing.

Since late Night parties and entry into clubs are not allowed for children below a certain age they either utilize fake IDs or older sibling’s IDs to participate in entertainment programs.

Reasons for popularity


AffordableGetting a fake ID is very easy and affordable too.

You can easily get a driving license or any other Id by buying them rather than generating one for yourself by printing and covering.

It involves a lot of patience and research.  Just log in to any website and enter the required details.

The vendors just charge you some nominal fee. There are no additional costs like courier fee or service fee.

Easy process

Any novice person can easily go and apply for a fake ID. It is so easy to apply and fill the details.

Whether you are applying online or offline all that you have to do is download or take a hard copy of an application and fill in the necessary details.

Submit your photo and signature and most of your job is done.  Look for a reliable vendor so that no problems occur in the future.

High technology

technologyGone are the days when you took a print of application and attested the requested documents.

With ONLINE saga taking popularity all that you need to do is handle all the documents and the vendor will process all the documentation. These days it is so technologically advanced that even barcodes and holograms look very much original.

They are covered in plastic and have various security features. The slightest and minute details are tactically covered that even the most experienced fake detectors cannot track them.

Easy preparation

It just takes a few minutes of yours to go and submit the relevant details for a fake ID.

Click a new picture of yours with a white background for a genuine look and provide the requested documents like Date of birth and address.

Use a different address and remember that it has to be something you can easily recollect.


timesavingIt does not take so much of time to file an application and submit the relevant documents.

Just choose a reliable vendor and handover the whole process to them and to your surprise they are so fast that you can expect your Id within no time.

Hassle free

Applying for a fake ID online or offline does not involve complicated tasks. It is as easy as going to the market and purchasing a product of your choice.

Trying to do it yourself might take a lot of research and expertise but if you find a good vendor either on the internet or in your locality you can blindly take their assistance as they are experienced enough to do your job without putting you in risk.

📌It is hassle-free as you just have to submit an application and other important documents.


trustworthyBe sure to do your homework in getting the reviews of the vendor.

With the increase in demand for fake IDs in the past decade, there are many scammed agencies that have come up trying to take advantage of the situation.

If anything goes wrong they escape from the situation leaving you helpless.

📌Whereas, in the case of established agencies, it is more of a matter of trust. They guide you in every possible mode and take a keen eye on every detail to save you from any kind of risk. This is something you can rely on and give a blind acceptance of their service.

Sources of obtaining fake IDsSources


If you want to go through the internet it is very easy. Just type your question in the search box and Google will give you many options of vendors dealing with fake IDs.

But here you need to be little careful as Internet has many bogus companies and agencies.  Testing the reliability of the vendor is up to the customers’ hands.

📌Check online reviews or a known friend’s reviews but make sure you check their potential.

Private or local agencies

agencyIf you live in an education or business hotspot it will be easy for you to get a fake ID.

As there is a lot of demand for duplicate IDs for people wanting to get out of legal issues there are innumerable agencies that have progressed in recent times.

If not through the internet, you can choose a private agency after obtaining a clean review of them.

Local agencies can come to your help as the locals can give you exact reviews about them. Based on this, you can decide whether or not to approach them.

Being your own teacher

ID Card ScannerYes, you can also make your ID for yourself. But it takes a little bit of hard work and patience. There is also little equipment involved like scanner and printer.

If you are patient and proficient enough to handle all these you can try making your own ID with simple steps that are available on the internet.

Finally, let us understand that it is illegal to obtain a fake ID and there is always a risk of getting caught by the law. So be careful and try not to get an illegal document unless it is very much essential.